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Let's provide better treatment, together.

Are you a wonderful therapist who has patients who would benefit from adding medication to their treatment?

And would you like referrals of patients we are treating with medications who would benefit from therapy?

If so, let's work together.

We are a small, innovative, company whose reason for existence is to provide the treatment we would want for ourselves and our families.  We were started by Joshua Freedman MD, a graduate of Yale Medical School and a clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA.

We see ourselves as part of a team with the clinicians providing therapy and our shared patients. (We call them clients, because "a patient" has things done to them, and they are equal partners.)

Ways we make things better: 

     We almost always see referrals the same week, often the next day
    We don't do therapy ourselves, so you don't have to worry about "stealing" referrals 
    We will always be warm, appreciate collogues, and treat you like the professional you are.

We provide you your own, completely free, HIPAA-compliant collaboration portal.  



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View the active medications we are prescribing our shared client, as well as a graphical display of the history of all the medications we have prescribed them.

(all the visuals are full size in the portal) 


View the Symptom Scan™  results.  It assess and tracks major DSM-V diagnosis.  The core Major Depression module was validated under a National Institutes of Health grant, and outperformed PhD raters using the HAM-D for diagnoses and the SCID for severity.  We administer the 14 diagnosis Scan as soon as we start treatment, and then monitor symptoms over time.  

Message directly with the clinician prescribing the medications. can message directly to each other, and we are responsive every day, including weekends and holidays.

Get your portal
(you never pay us a penny)

We got it!

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